Fiction & Literature

Being Madam Fatina  by R. Ann O'Connor

Down Goes Marianne  by Craig E. Saucier


Kindle and Print

Audiobook also available from Audible   and iTunes


The Widow by Colette L. Saucier

Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth

Book II: The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire

​Not Just Friends  by Lacey Wolfe

​​Lit by Lightning: A New Orleans Mystery by George Joseph Sanchez
Kindle, Audiobook, and Print

In this lurid, lusty sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, death shadows the newlywed Darcys from Pemberley to the parlors of Regency London to the courtyards of Antebellum New Orleans.  As Elizabeth discovers the trials and travails of marriage to a vampire, can Darcy ever believe that she loves him as he is?  Or will his jealousy tear them apart?

Pulse and Prejudice: The Confession of Mr, Darcy, Vampire by Colette L. Saucier

​Kindle, Audiobook, & Print

                                                          Audiobook also available from Audible, and iTunes

Finding Home & Bare Necessities  by Lacey Wolfe (The Brookfield Series Vol 1)​
​Kindle and Print ​

​​​​​​​​Alicia Embracing the Dark by Alicia Pageant, Colette Saucier, editor

Kindle, Print, Audiobook
Between the Notes by Scarlet Hawthorne

Alicia's Possession by Colette L. Saucier

​Kindle, Audiobook, and Print


DEADLINE by Scarlet Hawthorne

​​The Naked Truth (A Novella) by Lacey Wolfe

Beginning Spring 2017:

Bare Necessities by Lacey Wolfe

Bed, Breakfast, and You by Lacey Wolfe

Exploration's End: A New Orleans Mystery by George Joseph Sanchez
Kindle, Print, and Audiobook 

Finding Home by Lacey Wolfe